Experimental Workshop at Untitled Festival 2020

"A Participatory Process to Tackle Climate Change Globally"

The workshop prototypes a participatory process to tackle climate change globally, by looking at patterns of appropriate formats, methodological architectures, distributed and synchronized communication, collective Intelligence, shared decision making and co-creative innovation.

We are aiming at experimenting with this prototype under real circumstances, e.g. by introducing elements of it to the COP climate conference or by connecting national citizen assemblies already underway.

This 90min workshop will be interesting to you if you want to understand how cocreation as the operating system outcompetes negotiation and deliberation to creatively solve complex climate-related problems.

The first annual Untitled festival was held 17–18 September 2020 online and in Helsinki. The Festival is an intimate annual celebration of imagination and experimentation. We focus on the societal transformation and align action with unlikely allies.

It is a festival, not a gig or a conference, let alone a webinar. In 2020 there was main stage for convening all the participants together, 40+ really intriguing parallel sessions, of art, conversations and experiment workshops, moments and breaks to prevent online fatigue – but also chaos, joy and serendipity.

Find here the link to our workshop at Untitled Festival