Data, Statistics & Cocreative Global Governance

This is our second open Online Salon of the Cocreation Foundation. Corona was and is a global teaching on mathematics, statistics and the reading of charts.

We have learned and experienced exponential growth rates, peaks and the concept of flattening the curve. We could also see on a daily basis the effect or non-effect of measures we take as societies.

Our hope at the Cocreation Foundation is that it will now be more easy to speak about the relation of data, statistics and social-political measures, thus the way how we govern ourselves in relation to facts and global data. If it comes to the climate crisis, the world population growth and the great acceleration in almost all areas of consumption and pollution we are facing the task of flattening the curve, too.

In this salon we examine if and how cocreative global governance can be a part of this.

Many thanks to our ally Katrin Faensen from Visual Facilators for providing the graphic facilitation.