Workshop „A Participatory Process to Tackle Climate Change Globally“ (GRP27)

We were part of the first annual Untitled festival, held 17–18 September 2020 online and in Helsinki. The Festival is an intimate annual celebration of imagination and experimentation. We focus on the societal transformation and align action with unlikely allies. It is a festival, not a gig or a conference, let alone a webinar. In 2020 there was main stage for convening all the participants together, 40+ really intriguing parallel sessions, of art, conversations and experiment workshops, moments and breaks to prevent online fatigue – but also chaos, joy and serendipity. Read More

Online Salon „Hanzi Freinacht and the Metamodern View on Global Governance“ (GRP 26)

In this episode, Cocreation Foundation founder Jascha Rohr virtually meets Daniel Görtz, Co-Founder of the think tank Metamoderna. Read More

Online Salon „Data, Statistics & Cocreative Global Governance“ (GRP 25)

Corona was and is a global teaching on mathematics, statistics and the reading of charts. We have learned and experienced exponential growth rates, peaks and the concept of flattening the curve. Read More

Online Salon „Transformation and the need for new paradigms“ (GRP 24)

In this episode, Cocreation Foundation founder Jascha Rohr virtually meets Maja Göpel who is the General Secretary of the German Advisory Council on Global Change. Read More

Online Salon „Bundesrepublik 3.0“ (GRP 22)

For this edition, Jascha Rohr (Founder of the Cocreation Foundation) presents the Bundesrepublik 3.0 study as an example of cocreative governance design. Read More

Online Salon „Bildung, Self-Development and How we can learn as Society“ (GRP 20)

For this edition, Jascha virtually met the philosopher and philanthropist Tomas Björkman (Founder Ekskäret Foundation) to discuss "Bildung, Self-Development and How we can learn as Society“. Read More

Online Salon with Roman Huber (GRP 19)

For this edition, Jascha Rohr virtually met Roman Huber, the Federal Executive of Mehr Demokratie e.V. April 29, 2020 Read More

Cocreation & Climate Conferences (GRP 18)

We are soon issuing our next study about the design of the climate conferences. This little study is more or less an analysis of the design of the climate conferences as they are now. It is a first approach for our own understanding of how these processes work now, where there are shortcomings and where we can we can introduce cocreative methodologies or even set up an additional cocreative process for climate change on a global level. Read More

What is the „Stadtwerkstatt“? (GRP17)

Directly at Alexanderplatz, the Stadtwerkstatt (City Laboratory) is hosting a space for more than 38 different citizen's projects within Berlin Mitte. The Institute for Participatory Design has the mandate by the Berlin senate to design and implement a process for these various initiatives. Read More

An Example of Deep Cocreation (GRP16)

Cocreation nowadays has become a buzzword. So how do we differentiate cocreation on a shallow vs. a deep level? Cocreation Foundation founder Jascha Rohr shares his perspective on cocreation and gives a concrete example of how it is used as a cultural technique. Read More