What do we mean by Cocreation? (GRP15)

A cultural technique or a cultural technology is an evolutionary step for humanity. It is a technique that humanity as a whole has learned, i.e. agriculture, reading and writing, digitalization, industrialization. When I refer to cocreation as a cultural technique I want to say that I feel that for the challenges that we as humanity are facing today, cocreation is of the same importance and that we all as humanity have to learn to cocreate to face these challenges. Read More

Theory of Change

The mission of Cocreation Foundation is to map, develop, test and establish the cultural technique of cocreation for better global governance. Our Theory of Change describes why, how and what we are doing to achieve our mission: Governance processes urgently need an update on a regional, national and transnational level to tackle challenges like climate change, plastic in the oceans or effectively fight pandemics like the Corona crisis. Read More

In Dialogue with: Michel Bauwens from the P2P Foundation (GRP12)

I met Michel Bauwens at the Elevate Festival in Graz. At the first warm day of the year, one day before the Corona crisis hit Europe full on, we met at this avantgarde festival of music, discussions and dialogue about human nature and the transformation and future of our society. Together in this brief conversation, Michel shared his ideas on global transformation, social change, commons, a crypto-based sustainable economy and global governance. Read More

Global Cocreation Forum Reflections (GRP08)

We developed the Global Cocreation Forum to give people a feeling for cocreation in action. Inspired by the pattern language approach of Christopher Alexander, participants contribute knowledge and insights on topics such as collective healing, compassion and how to create a healthy relationship to identity, and explore how they might be considered in global governance processes. Read More