Video: What is the Cocreation Foundation? (GRP 03)

We started the Cocreation Foundation because we see a great need for redesigning transnational and global politics. Why is now the right time to be thinking about new forms of governance? If we want to rise up to the challenge of climate change or global inequality we desperately need to reform the ways we govern ourselves as a global community. In this video I present the foundation and give some background on the experiences and thoughts which led to this initiative. Read More

Video: Conversation with Tomas Björkman (GRP 06)

Social entrepreneur Tomas Björkman is initiator of the Emerge platform and network. He is the author of three books, The Nordic Secret, The Market Myth and The World We Create. Jascha sat down with Tomas at the Emerge Gathering in Kyiv to discuss his work and mission to cocreate a more conscious society. Read More