We are very grateful for having received enough funds to kick-off and run Cocreation Foundation for roundabout three years in a bootstrapped manner. Bootstrapped means that we are really saving costs on all fronts. This also means we are in search for more people that want to generously fund our endeavor. Be it to enable us to cover the overhead costs for our dedicated team, be it to very specifically fund a project.





Cocreation Foundation is a think tank to forward the idea of cocreative global governance. 

While the statutes of the foundation call for boards, we decided that the actual organizational structure we want to work together will be the Hive: a growing vibrant buzzing pod of intellectuals, activists, professionals and artists to develop, test and implement new forms of how we govern ourselves in a world, where we soon will be 10 billion people.

How can we cocreate a civilization where we can live in peace, freedom and ecological health and abundance on this planet, is the question we are raising.

That is both an ambitious question and a necessary goal. In our Hive we want to bring together all those who will make the first steps with us. Depending on what your interests are and what role you see yourself in is, there are items on the menu which will fit more or less to you. We encourage you to contact us directly if you want to support the Global Resonance Project or more generically Cocreation Foundation as a whole.

Also, our pod structure allows us to integrate already existing projects. But - as mentioned above - we are ourselves searching for funding, so we are not distributing funding, but offering a vibrant network where you might find some allies to further your endeavor. 






We are searching for either support to cover the running costs of Cocreation Foundation for our dedicated team, or directly to finish the Global Resonance Project




Assets of the foundation

 If you want to support the foundation in general you can do so by donating money without allocating it to a specific purpose. This means that we decide where your money will flow into. Generally speaking this will be most likely for the overall running costs of Cocreation Foundation. Important here to note! Since the overall tax rate is very low these day, we kindly ask to donate money to use in specific projects. Unless of course you want to donate a greater sum or generally transfer assets of other kinds (i.e. stocks, bonds, property) out of which the foundation could generate value to run its operations.  

Assets for specific projects

If you don't want to donate into the assets of the foundation in general, you can directly choose which purpose you want to support. You could specifically support a project (i.e. the Global Resonance Project), or a part of the overhead costs (i.e. the office costs, IOT), the staff etc. 

donations in kind

In case you own infrastructure (laptops, tablets, cars, office space) you are welcome to let us know how we could use them for our purposes.

rights to use

If you own access to office space especially in Berlin, we are curious to get in touch with you. Having the possibility to use space both for our core team as well as to host workshops, without topping up our overhead costs would be a great opportunity. 

Also, in case you are licensing software, we are open to receive offers of how to use and implement them in our workflow.







If you want to support us, please get directly in contact with us
via contact@cocreation-foundation.org