Global Resonance Project

At Cocreation Foundation, we are researching and developing the cultural technique of cocreation. The Global Resonance Project is the first initiative of the Cocreation Foundation. The term ‘cocreation’ is used across many different sectors to describe collaborative working processes. We have some best practices examples, but we need to deepen our understanding if we want to consciously create better processes for global governance.

    Workshop „A Participatory Process to Tackle Climate Change Globally“ (GRP27)

    by Jascha Rohr • 6. Oktober 2020

    We were part of the first annual Untitled festival, held 17–18 September 2020 online and in Helsinki. The Festival is an intimate annual celebration of imagination and experimentation. We focus on the societal transformation and align action with unlikely allies. It is a festival, not a gig or a conference, let alone a webinar. In 2020 there was main stage for convening all the participants together, 40+ really intriguing parallel sessions, of art, conversations and experiment workshops, moments and breaks to prevent online fatigue – but also chaos, joy and serendipity. [Continue Reading]

    Cocreation & Climate Conferences (GRP 18)

    by Jascha Rohr • 12. Mai 2020

    We are soon issuing our next study about the design of the climate conferences. This little study is more or less an analysis of the design of the climate conferences as they are now. It is a first approach for our own understanding of how these processes work now, where there are shortcomings and where we can we can introduce cocreative methodologies or even set up an additional cocreative process for climate change on a global level. [Continue Reading]

    What is the „Stadtwerkstatt“? (GRP17)

    by Jascha Rohr • 12. Mai 2020

    Directly at Alexanderplatz, the Stadtwerkstatt (City Laboratory) is hosting a space for more than 38 different citizen's projects within Berlin Mitte. The Institute for Participatory Design has the mandate by the Berlin senate to design and implement a process for these various initiatives. [Continue Reading]

    An Example of Deep Cocreation (GRP16)

    by Jascha Rohr • 12. Mai 2020

    Cocreation nowadays has become a buzzword. So how do we differentiate cocreation on a shallow vs. a deep level? Cocreation Foundation founder Jascha Rohr shares his perspective on cocreation and gives a concrete example of how it is used as a cultural technique. [Continue Reading]

    What do we mean by Cocreation? (GRP15)

    by Jascha Rohr • 12. Mai 2020

    A cultural technique or a cultural technology is an evolutionary step for humanity. It is a technique that humanity as a whole has learned, i.e. agriculture, reading and writing, digitalization, industrialization. When I refer to cocreation as a cultural technique I want to say that I feel that for the challenges that we as humanity are facing today, cocreation is of the same importance and that we all as humanity have to learn to cocreate to face these challenges. [Continue Reading]

    Theory of Change

    by Jascha Rohr • 8. April 2020

    The mission of Cocreation Foundation is to map, develop, test and establish the cultural technique of cocreation for better global governance. Our Theory of Change describes why, how and what we are doing to achieve our mission: Governance processes urgently need an update on a regional, national and transnational level to tackle challenges like climate change, plastic in the oceans or effectively fight pandemics like the Corona crisis. [Continue Reading]

    In Dialogue with: Michel Bauwens from the P2P Foundation (GRP12)

    by Jascha Rohr • 3. April 2020

    I met Michel Bauwens at the Elevate Festival in Graz. At the first warm day of the year, one day before the Corona crisis hit Europe full on, we met at this avantgarde festival of music, discussions and dialogue about human nature and the transformation and future of our society. Together in this brief conversation, Michel shared his ideas on global transformation, social change, commons, a crypto-based sustainable economy and global governance. [Continue Reading]

    Climate Change & Corona. A conversation with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (GRP13)

    by Jascha Rohr • 30. März 2020

    Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker is promoting a new kind of enlightenment, inspired by global humanism and eastern philosophy. He believes that we have to invent new products and business models who are climate efficient. The price of a good has to be calculated according to the environmental damage it evokes. It does not make sense to compare the Corona crises to the climate crises since we are dealing with very different framework conditions especially concerning the time of the exponential curve. [Continue Reading]

    Global Cocreation Forum Reflections (GRP08)

    by Jascha Rohr • 15. Februar 2020

    We developed the Global Cocreation Forum to give people a feeling for cocreation in action. Inspired by the pattern language approach of Christopher Alexander, participants contribute knowledge and insights on topics such as collective healing, compassion and how to create a healthy relationship to identity, and explore how they might be considered in global governance processes. [Continue Reading]

    What is the Global Resonance Project (GRP 01)

    by Jascha Rohr • 11. Dezember 2019

    Since August we have been building our network in Stockholm, Kyiv, Berlin, London and Vienna. We’ve combined our fundraising efforts with a format to give people a feeling for cocreation in action. In Berlin, Stockholm and Vienna, more than 70 experts have participated in Global Cocreation Forum thus starting to work on understanding the above mentioned deeper patterns of cocreation for better global governance... [Continue Reading]

    Our Journey So Far (GRP 07)

    by Jascha Rohr • 11. Dezember 2019

    Each of us come from different but complementary backgrounds, so we decided to spend the summer consolidating our networks and slowly enlarging our circles of connection.  To give people a feeling for cocreation in action, we developed a workshop format to explore some themes - such as collective healing and compassion - that we felt needed to be considered in global governance processes.  [Continue Reading]

    Video: Personal and Transpersonal Cocreation (GRP 02)

    by Jascha Rohr • 9. Dezember 2019

    In this video I share some thoughts on the dynamics between personal and transpersonal processes, and what this means for cocreation. Many people think that cocreation is simply about getting a lot of people in the room to create something together using the same old methods, but in order for deep cocreation to happen everyone must first be supported in their own personal growth. [Continue Reading]

    Video: What is the Cocreation Foundation? (GRP 03)

    by Jascha Rohr • 9. Dezember 2019

    We started the Cocreation Foundation because we see a great need for redesigning transnational and global politics. Why is now the right time to be thinking about new forms of governance? If we want to rise up to the challenge of climate change or global inequality we desperately need to reform the ways we govern ourselves as a global community. In this video I present the foundation and give some background on the experiences and thoughts which led to this initiative. [Continue Reading]

    Video: Conversation with Tomas Björkman (GRP 06)

    by Jascha Rohr • 9. Dezember 2019

    Social entrepreneur Tomas Björkman is initiator of the Emerge platform and network. He is the author of three books, The Nordic Secret, The Market Myth and The World We Create. Jascha sat down with Tomas at the Emerge Gathering in Kyiv to discuss his work and mission to cocreate a more conscious society. [Continue Reading]