Video: The Global Design Challenge and Cocreators Imperative (GRP 04)

by Jascha Rohr • 9. Dezember 2019

In Design Thinking, every process starts with an intention, a goal or a challenge. In this video, I outline two insights of the Cocreation Foundation.


How can we cocreate a world in which 10 to 12 billion people can live in peace, freedom, ecological health and abundance? This is our Global Design Challenge.


Do everything which enables us to find solutions to the Global Design Challenge. Avoid doing anything which prevents us from finding solutions to the Global Design Challenge. This is the Cocreators Imperative.

The Global Resonance Project is the first initiative of the Cocreation Foundation. In this vlog series, I will be documenting the process of the Global Resonance Project as we explore the projects, theories and methods that are advancing this cultural technique.