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Every process is art. Every process is a sculpture made from dynamic interactions.
Every process undergoes phases and qualities such as resonance, transformation and cocreation.
The Global Resonance Project is a process sculpture in preparation.
It is the first step in a series of projects to understand and work with global processes of fundamental transformation and cocreation.

The Cocreation Foundation’s mission is to understand and develop the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the cultural technique of cocreation as a means to create an abundant and peaceful world for the approximately 10 to 12 billion people which will need to share and coinhabit this earth within a healthy and sustainable ecosphere.

We understand that in order to develop and promote this technique, we first have to immerse in the global fields and processes of cocreation already existing as well as in those fields and processes which are in dire need for cocreative solutions. This deep quality of cognitive research, of connection building, listening, understanding, thinking and theorising, of prototyping and vision-sketching we describe as building resonance.

The Global Resonance Project will build resonance with all forces, elements and participateurs relevant to understanding and forwarding cocreation.
Practically the Global Resonance Project has the intention to connect to and learn from the main actors in the field of transformation, cocreation and process facilitation in various fields such as politics, business, sustainability, social rights, science, education, and others. We will learn from these actors needs, sufferings, endeavours, hopes, ideas and projects.

The goal of the Global Resonance Project is to create a thorough understanding in the field of cocreation by following this resonance process of inquiry, exchange, learning and dialogue to produce:

• a series of generative discussions between thinkers, activists and artists captured and published on video
• a series of published articles by Jascha Rohr and the above-mentioned cocreators of this project
• a series of field mappings to visualise complex conceptual ideas on cocreation
• all leading to a comprehensive pattern language of cocreation in a foundational book, describing theory, methodology and practices of cocreation


Courageous and innovative solutions will be needed to halt climate change. There must be willingness for profound societal and technological change. High achievers in the areas of creativity and innovation know that this kind of change can only take place in an atmosphere of hope and optimism. It needs freedoms, resources and, in particular, inspiring open discourse as part of which a multitude of perspectives can productively collide. It needs the search for human interaction and for the greatest possible synergies. It needs new forms of cooperation and productive collaboration at all levels. Politics must provide the requisite spaces and processes for this to happen.

Cocreation is a cultural technique that can achieve this. Cocreation describes methods, attitudes, processes and structures that allow people with highly diverse perspectives, experiences and competences to jointly solve problems, heal conflicts, overcome crises, and develop and create new and strong common solutions and futures.

The climate change issue compels us to reconsider current attitudes and formats, to reform institutions and to initiate transformations in all areas. This also requires us to optimize our political processes, to develop productive and responsive procedures, to put in place participation and transparency, and to develop new methods of political collaboration. In order to address climate change we need a political climate of productive collaboration and forward-looking cocreation.