Video: Personal and Transpersonal Cocreation (GRP 02)

by Jascha Rohr • 9. Dezember 2019

In this video I share some thoughts on the dynamics between personal and transpersonal processes, and what this means for cocreation.

Many people think that cocreation is simply about getting a lot of people in the room to create something together using the same old methods, but in order for deep cocreation to happen everyone must first be supported in their own personal growth.

I had been planning on doing a formal introduction video of the Cocreation Foundation and the Global Resonance Project, but after a day on the beach at Norderney this is what wants to be expressed through me at this moment.

The Global Resonance Project is the first project of the Cocreation Foundation. In this Vlog, I will document the process of the Global Resonance Project. I will talk about patterns of global cocreation as I compile theory, methods, procedures and projects which advance the cultural technique of cocreation.