At the Cocreation Foundation, we are researching and developing the cultural technique of cocreation.

The Global Resonance Project is the first initiative of the Cocreation Foundation. 

The term ‘cocreation’ is used across many different sectors to describe collaborative working processes. We have some best practices examples, but we need to deepen our understanding if we want to consciously create better processes for global governance.

With the Global Resonance Project we are connecting the activists, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, change makers and innovators who are pioneering new collaborative-techniques in their respective fields. 

Our goal is to research and develop a theory and methodology for cocreation, and how it may be applied to global governance.

The project will produce...

A video-blog of the project, including thoughts and reflections on the process as it unfolds.

A series of generative video discussions between thinkers, activists and artists.

A series of published articles.

A series of field mappings to visualise complex conceptual ideas on cocreation.

A foundational book, describing the theory, methodology and practices of cocreation

We’re calling this the Global Resonance Project because we want to build resonance between existing actions and projects to create a global field of transformation.

Every process starts with an intention, a goal or a challenge. Our challenge is to design a world where 10 to 12 billion people can live in peace, freedom, ecological health and abundance. It’s a big task, one which requires everyone to contribute their unique skills, knowledge and perspectives.

We invite you to follow us on our journey as we explore the projects, theories and methods that are advancing this cultural technique.

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